Frequently Asked Questions »

1) Are these authentic Canada Goose jackets?

Yes! We are an authorized retailer of Canada Goose products. You can confirm authenticity and learn more about counterfeit products at

2) The item I want is out of stock, do you know when you will receive more?

If you'd like to be added to our wishlist, we can let you know if we get the product in stock - contact us at:, 1-855-CDN-ICON, or by livechat to be added!

3) What size am I?

Product specific size charts are available on each product page under the "Size" button. The fit definitions for Canada Goose products are as follows: Slim fit – These garments are athletic cut and are designed to fit closer to the body. The fit maximizes mobility while maintaining core warmth. Regular Fit – Garments which are designated regular fit are great for layering under and are a good balance between our Slim Fit and our Relaxed Fit. Relaxed Fit – Relaxed fit is Canada Goose's largest fit and corresponding styles have been developed for layering in extreme weather and industrial applications.

4) What are your shipping / refunds / exchange / payment policies?

All our policies can be viewed at:

5) Can I come in and try on a product?

Unfortunately, we are only an online store and do not have a store location. If you need help with sizing or selecting a product, we would be happy to help you! Contact us by email (, phone toll- free (1-855-CDN-ICON), or on Livechat !

6) I found a website that sells Canada Goose at huge discounts, why are your products more expensive?

There are lots of "discount" sites out there that claim to sell Canada Goose jackets that turn out to be counterfeit products. Always be certain you’re purchasing from an authorized Canada Goose retailer. If you have any doubts whatsoever, check out this page that explains counterfeit products:

7) What do you mean by "Overnight Shipping"?

When you select "overnight shipping" we will send your package via Canada Post overnight service. Orders received after 11am EST might not be shipped until the following day, and will go overnight.

8) Can I use an international credit card?

We cannot verify international cards, and we need this verification before we can send out orders. For international customers, please use a verified PayPal account to pay for your order. You can ensure your account is verified by going to and selecting "get verified".

9) Can you special-order a parka for me?

Unfortunately, we cannot take special requests; however, we will happily add you to our wishlist if you’d like to be notified if we get the product you want in stock! Contact us by email (, phone toll-free (1-855-CDN-ICON), or on Livechat !

10) Can you ship internationally?

We can only ship within North America.


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