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The Canadian Museum of History is Canada's national museum of human history and the most popular and most-visited museum in Canada. It is located in Gatineau, Quebec, directly across the Ottawa River from Canada's Parliament Buildings. The Museum's primary purpose is to collect, study, preserve, and present material objects that illuminate the human history of Canada and the cultural diversity of its people. The museum also operates and houses the Canadian Children's Museum, which has been developed around a central theme — The Great Adventure — and gives younger visitors an opportunity to travel the world.

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Canada Goose has been manufacturing innovative, high quality outerwear in Canada for over 50 years. From South Pole research facilities and the Canadian High Arctic to the streets of New York City, Stockholm, Milan, Toronto and Tokyo, people wear the Canada Goose brand because of the company's reputation for quality, functionality and style. The Canada Goose collection of down-insulated, technical and travel-inspired outerwear protects in conditions that range from the mind-numbing cold of Antarctica to the gale force winds on the North Sea. Anyone who has ever worn a Canada Goose product will tell you it has never let them down.

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Canada's History is one of only two national charities devoted to the field of public history and the only one with a broad national membership base. The organization publishes two popular publications, Canada's History Magazine (formerly The Beaver) and Kayak: Canada's History Magazine for Kids. Canada's History also operates two national awards and recognition programs that celebrate the exemplary efforts of others working to preserve, promote and popularize Canadian history. Canada's History's loyal members include some 50,000 Canadians.

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The Manitobah story begins in Canada thousands of years ago, when distant ancestors of the company's founders first created mukluks and moccasins using distinctive leather, furs and beadwork to reflect their individual customs and culture. Today as modern Métis, Sean and Heather McCormick continue their family's tradition by combining the craftsmanship and artistry of their ancestors with modern materials to create truly timeless footwear as functional as it is beautiful. Stitch by stitch, bead by bead, they tell the story of their People.

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Vintage Winter was first envisioned during an epic snowfall in 2003 when two outdoor enthusiasts – friends with a shared passion for winter sports and sporting-related antiquities – hatched the idea to create a free online virtual museum for fellow collectors, academics, and those who love active outdoor lifestyle and design. To fund this endeavor the friends decided to sell some of their favorite items. Over the years, new items have been added to the collection, including select new products and handmade home decor.

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In 1979, the Bata family established the Bata Shoe Museum Foundation. Over the years, the Foundation has funded various field trips to collect and research footwear in areas where traditions are changing rapidly. The studies have included North American indigenous cultures, circumpolar groups including Canadian Inuit, Siberia, Alaska, Greenland and Lapland. Field studies have also taken place in Asia and Europe. These field studies have resulted in many academic publications for the Foundation, including but not limited to The Typology of Native Footwear, Our Boots: An Inuit Women's Art, Feet and Footwear in Indian Culture, and Spirit of Siberia: Traditional Native Life, Clothing and Footwear.

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The Canadian Canoe Museum is a unique national heritage centre that explores the canoe's enduring significance to the peoples of Canada. The museum holds the world's largest collection of canoes, kayaks and paddled watercraft and allows visitors to learn how the canoe has defined the Canadian character and spirit. An engaging, family-friendly museum with more than 100 canoes and kayaks on display, the Canadian Canoe Museum offers interactive, hands-on galleries, a scavenger hunt, model canoe building, puppet theatre for children as well as classes, workshops and camps.

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Polar bears. They're what Polar Bears International is all about. Entirely. PBI knows that if we can assure the survival of the polar bear – the creature in most immediate peril from climate change and pollutants – we'll have created a better planet for all its flora, fauna, water, and air. Time is of the essence. And we have some distance to go. But PBI is optimistic. PBI is impassioned. And PBI is resolute.

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Emily Carr was the first of her family to be born Canadian. She was fiercely proud of that. Her childhood home is now owned by the people of British Columbia and is both a National and Provincial Historic Site. Emily Carr House is an intrepretive centre open to the public dedicated to her life, her art and her writings.

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